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澳洲愛紐士 位於美麗的澳洲墨爾本市中心

澳洲愛紐士 的英文課程都是課程設計以讓您有自信進入職場和融入澳洲社區所需的英語生活技能; 另外有特別為Working Holiday Visa的30歲以下大專畢業或在學青年學子設計的英語課程(Job Ready Program*)保證安排工作*. 學校有酒店式公寓宿舍, 配備廚房, 傢俱, 上網設施和電話. 有興趣的青年學子可下載下列詳細文件:

1. 澳洲愛紐士英文目錄(Brochure in English)

2. 澳洲愛紐士中文目錄( Brochure in Chinese)

3. Barista Course (咖啡師課程)

4. Price List for Jan. -Jun. 2015

5. Dormitory Brochure 2013

6. 澳洲愛紐士入學申請表(Application Form) Words 2007檔 Words 2003檔

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Job Offers recently. Congratulation for the following 澳洲愛紐士 Students:

A. Job Offer Letter 1

B. Job Offer Letter 2

C. Job Offer Letter 3

*JRP (職前英語課程)自2013. 7月1日起:

From 1st of July 2013, we are no longer taking any of JRP application under confirmation offer.

Due to requirement of entrance level in Hospitality Industry, this has been up levelled.

We will continue to provide our Job Placement through the internal application after student passed their ability test at the INUS. (After they arrived)

Therefor please be aware with student they will only can pre-book the JRP course NOT for confirmation of JRP offer. So we will not be charged their placement fee in advanced ONLY charged after they pass ability test at the INUS campus.


Step one: send application under Pre- JRP (minimum apply for the ICEP course will be 8 weeks)

Step two: attend JRP orientation at INUS

Step Three: submit confirmation of JRP application to the school (school will provide the application at the JRP orientation)

Step Four: get ability test if student pass, they will get offer letter

Step Five: pay the JRP fee (Hotel /Resort placement included Job Training Units as A$1,600)

(Job Training Unit: Barista / RSA / Job Interview and Resume Skills / Industry vocabulary/ this is non-refundable fee as the course fee)

Refund condition

Once INUS confirmed the student's JRP course,

1. 100 % refund out of A$1100 except Job Training Units + Administration fee as A$500 ( If Job agency did not provide any of Interviews before 6 months visa left)

2. 50% refund our of A$1100 except Job Training Units + Administration fee as A$500 ( If student could not pass the interview before 6 months visa left)

3. 0% refund ( if student withdrawal the placement or reject the job offer)

下載 Job Ready Program: 流程圖